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Shepherd's Rod 2015

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Shepherd's Rod 2015 

is awakening and arousing a radical remnant of over-comers ready to contend for the faith, ready to challenge and change the course of the church. Thus altering the culture in which we live. We must function as salt and light to lead a contaminated culture to light and life in Christ. This occurs best when we simply become who we are destined to be, sons and daughters of the Most HIGH God.

This is the season of harvest! All of heaven is alert and attentive to our actions this is not the time to be timid or fearful. It is such an honor to be alive in the Kingdom of God during these days (see Esther 4:14). As Esther was informed that she was in the kingdom for such a time as this, we need to be reminded that, "the kingdom is in us for such a time as this!”

In God's infinite wisdom, He could have allowed anyone to live in this time and season-yet He has chosen us.

By the amazing sovereign grace of Almighty God for 20 years, Bobby Conner has experienced vivid visitations and prophetic encounters on Yom Kippur, the "Day of Atonement." You will be enlightened and greatly encouraged by God's revelatory truths revealed in this 2015 Shepherd's Rod "ALMIGHTY GOD REIGNS."

Within this book, you will quickly discover overwhelming peace, joy, and abundant blessings that come from God's presence. You will be invigorated with courage, hope, and unwavering confidence in Him. Be assured of this, God's presence changes everything!