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Heaven's Host : The Assignments of Angels - Both Faithful and Fallen - Kindle eBook

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Heaven's Host: The Assignments of Angels - Both Faithful and Fallen

The spirit realm, both good and evil, certainly exists. God and His holy angels exist, and the supernatural realm is real. Likewise, the devil and his wicked demons are an actual reality. In our modern society, many scoff at the reality of angels and demons or even the existence of the supernatural. However, to remain uninformed concerning such issues could prove to be extremely costly. The supreme source of enlightenment is the Word of God; only there is the truth revealed. The Bible is precise and accurate in what it reveals concerning the spirit world. I will share what the Bible teaches us and many of my encounters with angels in these pages. This book will be informational, but more than that, it will be inspirational.

Open not only your mind but also your spirit as you begin this intriguing study of God’s heavenly helpers. The insights within these 170 pages may completely change your spiritual life. In these dark and dangerous days of uncertainty, we need all of Heaven’s help we can receive!

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