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Dread Champions — UPDATED EDITION!

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God created you to be a world-changer, a Lionlike Warrior!

A DREAD Champion

The entire world is poised for swift, radical change. We are coming to the end of the age; it is a season when the seeds of good and evil will come to full fruit.
It is time for “advancement.” Heaven’s host stands ready to move, aiding all who seek to establish the King in His Kingdom
The Spirit of God is calling forth dread champions; this is not a time for passive non-committed Christianity. We are called and commissioned by Almighty God to become the bold, passionate, and powerful end-time army confronting compromise and raising the standard of purity ever higher (Jude 3). The Spirit of the Lord is releasing true confidence to stand strong, knowing that in Christ Jesus, we are unstoppable (Romans 8:37).

You are a Victor, not a victim!