Transported From The Valley of Despair - To The Mountain of HOPE!

May 1, 2016

Recently while quietly setting at my desk in Moravian Falls, NC., merely pondering events occurring around the world, suddenly without warning, I was thrust into a vivid intense prophetic encounter. I am totally convinced these events could have immense benefits to the Body of Christ.   

I was taken into a vast valley. This was not a lush green valley with beautiful flowing rivers and sweet smelling flowers, it was a dry parched desert valley, a true wilderness.

I was totally stunned and amazed to discover such a vast multitude of people from so many numerous nations wandering about in this hard arduous awkward place. They seemed extremely disoriented and bewildered perplexed, lost, simply ambling about.

Addressing my “Tour Guide”, I am sure it was the Spirit of Truth, who was dressed in what appeared to be a brown park ranger’s uniform His suit was very unique it was reflective and transmitted light.  I was taken with His posture and demeanor so strong and confident yet was kind and tender 

I questioned; “where are we, and what are all these masses of people doing here and how did they wind-up here?” To which He replies in an instructive tone; “this is the valley of despair, they got here by believing what they saw and heard in the natural, and we have come to lead them to the Mountain of HOPE!” I questioned how will this be accomplished?” He quickly replied “We will direct them to the pathway that leads to TRUTH, it is the access to the Mountain OF HOPE!” (see Psalms 119:130) He instructed me, saying “speak the Truth to set them free from fear and uncertainties," stating "faith comes by hearing the Word of Truth." 

Knowing that I was feeling that this was a task that would take a long time. He smiled the most beautiful smile a radiance beyond this world, and said “NO YOU WILL HAVE HEAVEN’S HELPERS!” And gestured toward the open heaven which was filled with Heavenly Helpers ready to assist the Saints (see Psalms 34:7). 

Get ready! To journey from the valley of despair to the Mountain Of HOPE! Remember God’s plans are for our good (see Jeramiah 29:11). 

Bobby Conner

Eagles View Ministries