The Wealth Of The World

Recently while waiting before the Lord seeking to hear what He wanted to communicate suddenly I am taken into a vivid trance. I find myself in what seemed to be a huge circus tent. It is totally packed with people from all nations. Their attention was firmly focused and fixated on the center ring of the arena a huge spot light was illuminating a juggler. Every eye was glued on him as he juggled huge round balls. The juggler was exceptionally good he was an expert at manipulating and keeping the balls moving in a mesmerizing manner from one hand to the next.

I questioned the ring announcer, who was dressed in a white suit with golden lapels, “what is that the man is juggling?” “He said the wealth of the World!” I asked; “what is the juggler’s name?” Without one moment of hesitation the announcer replied “The Babylonian System!” Continuing he said, “he is controlling the wealth of the world! But this is about to change (see Isaiah 60:5). The Lord is preparing the hearts of His people to become righteous so that the wealth of the wicked can be transferred to the hands of the Righteous. A shift is coming concerning motivation, where the people of God are not merely seeking the wealth but the Righteousness, which will prepare them for the transfer (see Proverbs 13:22). When this occurs the wealth of the world is about to swiftly change hands (see Deuteronomy 8:18). Our Lord instructed us to seek first His glorious kingdom then all these others elements will fall into proper place (see Matthew 6:33).

Bobby Conner
Eagles View Ministries