The Roar of Revolution

By Bobby Conner
September 12, 2016 

What’s That Sound Coming Down! I’m not speaking about a song in the sixties! There is a rumble in the heavens releasing a sound! The sound you hear is the roar of revolution! The sound of an unsheathing of God’s Sword is vibrating throughout heaven and causing trembling in the earth. 

A Fiery Fusion

There is coming a fiery fusion, joining of the generations, young and old! In a prophetic encounter I was shown God forging a yoke for the end-time harvest He was joining zeal (the youth) and wisdom (the senior saints) together as a yoke. They will be unstoppable. 

Revolution of Unction For Function

A radical revolution that in many ways will redefine the way the modern day church has been defining Christianity. This coming move will be about action (see Mark 16:20). It was never the plan of God to establish the kingdom of God with mere words but with Christ’s centered works. Not just mere doctrine but God inspired deeds (see 1 Cor. 4:20). 

Divine Dissatisfaction

There can be no revolution with contented people. So God has been busy fanning the flame of discontentment within the hearts of His people so we will not settle for less than He has for us. So what you feel brooding within your spirit is a Divine dissatisfaction. The seed bed for true revolution is dissatisfied people, reaching a place of radical reaction, responding to the lack of action. It’s high time to awake and arise (see Romans 13:11-14).