THE BLACKSMITH SHOP – God is joining zeal and wisdom!

By Bobby Conner

Recently, I’ve been reliving some of the events I’ve experienced in the past. I questioned, asking God, what this was about, why am I reliving these past experiences? He responded saying, I have need of them now. So I truly believe that something will be activated now, for all who will respond.

In a vivid prophetic experience, I was taken up into the spirit realm into the heavens to the door of what appeared to be a blacksmith's shop. Standing there I was surrounded by shimmering swirling glory smoke, very distinctly I could hear the heavy hammer as it powerfully struck the anvil. Another sound I could clearly hear was the sound of rushing wind as it was being blown across the coals by the divine bellows. Each time the mighty hammer fell upon the red hot metal on the anvil the most beautiful brilliant burning sparks were sent flying forth. These white-hot flaming sparks were shooting out of the door into many different nations of the world. As these burning sparks fell into the nations they were ablaze, burning with the passion of the Spirit of God, each igniting wonderful fires of Holy Ghost revival and sparking soul winning revivals across the nations. This was amazing and thrilling. Nevertheless, within my heart was a deep driving desire to see what God was forging on His end-time anvil.

I pleaded saying, "Please! I want to get closer I must see what is being forged!" Something deep within in me was crying out for access. I had to see for myself what wonderful work was being fashioned and forged on the anvil of God. I was completely compelled to behold what was being used to create such revival fires in the nations.

In answer to my plea, I was brought even closer to the anvil. With each approaching step I could feel the heat as it increased. Such heat, as it radiated out, was the most extreme and intense heat, however, it was not unpleasant at all, it was enticing and alluring. Matter of fact, it was totally the opposite, it was comforting and compelling, it seemed as if the heat was drawing me closer and closer. I was looking into the cloud of smoke, however, this smoke was not the black choking kind, but rather it was gleaming and brilliant, it too was extremely pleasant. It was the Cloud of God's Glory.

At last I was shown the hammer and anvil and what was being forged. It was a mighty HARVEST YOKE! . I was told, "This yoke is being forged by the Lord for the purpose of joining together the generations, "ZEAL" and "WISDOM."

God said, "I am joining the Joshua generation - (zeal) with the Caleb generation - (wisdom)." The youth have extreme zeal and the older saints have wonderful wisdom. God is joining the generations (see Psalms 145:1-13). We will soon see this yoke being placed upon the shoulders of many who are now being prepared. They will be linked together as teams going into the ripe end-time harvest fields reaping souls for the Kingdom of God. The greatest reaping of souls is coming. Now is the time we can’t say let’s put it off, remember Jesus said don’t say wait four months. He said now is the time the harvest is ripe. We must set our heart upon the Lord so He can make us ready. We have come to the day spoken of in Psalm 110:3 In the day of God's power the people will volunteer willingly.