By: Bobby Conner
August 8, 2016

In recent days The Spirit of Truth, by several vivid and compelling encounters, has been speaking to me. He has been instructing and confirming to me that I am to revisit and relive some of the events that was given to me years ago.

Almost in a tone of protest, I replied; “Lord, I want to stay current with what YOU are saying and showing, NOW!” To which He quickly replied; “The most important and pertinent thing you can do is obey ME!” He said; “I have much to release.”

Please join me as we revisit one of these vivid experiences!

During the early hours of February 22, 2001 while ministering in San Jose, California, I had a vivid dream which was so graphic and strong that I was stunned awake by it. As I was lying in bed, my heart still racing and breath heaving, I looked at the clock and it was precisely 2:22 AM. While praying about and pondering this vivid dream for quite some time, and before falling back into a deep sleep, to my utter amazement at 5:55 AM, I experienced the exact same dream; and this time it was even more intense. I was shaken by the reality of having these identical dreams. I was so moved and astonished by these two back-to-back dreams that I called my prophetic friend Bob Jones to relate these dreams.

Bob was considerably astounded by this call, saying in an excited tone, "Yes! Yes! I saw this sword in the night! ... I received almost the same identical dream twice last night!" Continuing, he said with a joyful tone - “I was expecting your call!”

He continued stressing the importance of the encounter. Replying that when the Lord reveals to two people the same thing twice it is extremely important that we give our time and full attention to what is being revealed.


It is essential that we give special attention when God begins to release duplicate dreams and visions when the Spirit of God is saying and showing the same identical thing. For the Scriptures declare that it is in the mouth of two or three witnesses that a thing is to be established (see Matthew 18:16).

Before I share the visitation please join with me in this prayer - "God open our hearts to receive and give us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. May the Spirit of Truth grant to us clear and precise perception and direct us with understanding how to respond.”



The dream commences; I am standing in a massive crowd of people, in a huge hallway or passageway, much like a walkway in an airport terminal, however, extremely larger and very crammed and congested with people.

This huge mass of people were standing as well as ambling around, casually chatting and visiting. They seemed to be satisfied simply to be strolling and standing around.

Suddenly in the distance, about forty feet away, The Lord Jesus Christ appears. There is a brilliant radiance flowing from Him, I was completely shocked at the people’s reaction. It is apparent the crowd does not see or recognize Him. They merely continue their casual chatting and shallow visiting, seemingly unaware, and oblivious of the Lord approaching.

Jesus is walking with resolve toward me with a big brilliant glorious, sword. The sword is in HIS right hand. His sword is glowing, gleaming and razor sharp.

He proceeded to stride toward me, stopping directly in front of me. Lifting up the sword, high above His head, speaking in a most convincing tone Christ said; "It is time to kiss the sword!"

This was a strong directive command. While speaking these words He lowers the sword to His face, placing it at His lips. He decreed, "Kiss the sword!" My heart pounding and my breath heaving, I extended my face and lips preparing to kiss the sword; which was placed flat against Christ's lips. As I leaned forward to kiss the sword, He swiftly turned the sword with the extremely razor sharp blade facing His lips and mine.

Stunned, I was hesitant to continue to press my face and lips into the edge of the razor sharp glistening sword. Knowing my reluctance, Jesus said:

"Have no fear!” “My grace is sufficient for you; I bore the pain for you!"


Christ’s words stirred deep within my soul, arousing strong confidence and assurance in my heart, releasing courage for me to continue to press my lips firmly against the razor-sharp sword.

In spite of His reassuring promise of no pain, I had to war against my mind which was not totally convinced that I would not be wounded and feel excruciating unbearable pain. His words released in me a new found confidence. As I continued, deep within I knew that the Lord’s plans are to help me not to hurt me.

Please understand that mere human words are weak and so inadequate attempting to verbalize and reveal heavenly encounters. Nevertheless, as the sword began to penetrate, making its way into my lips, I felt only total pleasure and extreme delight, not pain at all. So I pressed even harder, my deepest longing was for my lips to meet the lips of the Master.

My heart was filled with the plea of Song of Songs . . . "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth, because His mouth is altogether lovely."
Song of Solomon 1:2

I could feel a hot liquid flow pouring forth from my lips. I thought for sure it was my blood streaming down, with each beat of my heart it flowed down my chin and onto my chest. I could feel the warmth, as well as, hear the splatter as the liquid splashed upon my feet and as the liquid flowed from my lips to the floor. I was truly amazed and astounded, thinking I must be bleeding extremely bad. Again let me emphasize, I felt absolutely no pain, only a deep unexplainable pleasure resulting in transcending peace and inward joy unspeakable.

I was compelled to look! Fully expecting to see a flow of crimson red blood! As I looked down at my chest and feet to see what was flowing from my lips, I was totally shock and overwhelmed. It was not my blood at all. But rather, it had the appearance of flowing, glowing, living, liquid gold.

Knowing my question before I even asked, The Lord said, "That is My Glory, it is released by obedience and embracing the Spirit of Truth." Only as we obey and follow the word of the Lord will we be trusted to speak forth the release of His power and glory (see John 17:17).

No human words can describe the feeling of joy and peace His words released. Suddenly this passage exploded within my spirit:

"He who loves purity of heart and has grace on his lips, the king will be his friend."
Proverbs 22:11

May God grant to us a heart to swiftly and completely obey HIM. Yielding our lips to become His lips of love, speaking His message of restoration and redemption.

Bobby Conner