A Fresh Breath From Heaven To Inspire The Prophetic

By Bobby Conner
May 26, 2016

I had been in many long meetings ministering for several weeks in Germany and Switzerland. While in Mannheim, Germany on May 21, 2016, I was extremely tired and I went to my hotel room to rest before the evening meetings. I thought as I drifted off to sleep; I should have set an alarm, in order to not over sleep, but I did not.

Falling instantly asleep, I dreamed I was in a beautiful, picturesque, green pasture, laying asleep beside a marvelous little stream of water flowing over huge rocks. The fast rushing waters made the most wonderful refreshing sounds. In the dream I was so peaceful and resting so very well. I dreamed I saw a beautiful angel coming around the tops of the trees. He kneeled down by me and started softly blowing on my face, just enough to awaken me. His breath was fresh, fragrant, and gentle, yet strong and wonderful.

Suddenly, I am back at my hotel room in bed. As I have my eyes closed, I am reflecting about the dream and pondering the appearance and actions of the angel. When suddenly I feel on my face the breath again, only this time in my room. Quickly, I open my eyes to behold an amazing angel leaning over me and blowing the breath of heaven upon me. Only this time the breath was coming out of his nostrils not his mouth. The breath was forceful, extremely pleasant, and really refreshing.

Shocked and surprised at the visitation, I asked the heavenly Messenger; “What is this encounter about?” To which he quickly replied in an excited tone; “A fresh wind of Discernment is being released for the Prophetic!” I questioned; “why were you breathing upon me from your nostrils and not your mouth?” Again, he responded; “the nostrils speak of discernment!”

Praise the LORD! He is sending a fresh breath from heaven to awaken, refresh, and refine prophetic discernment. Truly, this is a season of increase and enhanced sensitivity. May we clearly echo 1 Samuel 3:10. May our prayer be: “Speak Lord, Your servants are listening!”

Bobby Conner