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What is the Shepherd's Rod?

September 17, 2005

Many people over the years have asked me, “What is the Shepherd's Rod?” The Shepherd's Rod is a prophetic revelation, received each year on the Day of Atonement. This year, 2005, will be my eleventh year receiving this revelation.

My friend Bob Jones has received this same visitation for several decades. His prophetic reports have proven to be exceptionally accurate.

Years ago Bob said to me, “God wants you to start receiving the Shepherd's Rod.” I replied, “I don't want to do this!” I did not want to echo what someone else was doing. Also, I was not a...

The Goodness of God

August 01, 2005

This is a prophetic perspective for these "apocalyptic" days we live in. The Church must be "awakened" in order to be "attuned to these apocalyptic times." The definition of the word "attuned" according to Webster is: "To bring into spiritual harmony" and to be "fitted for a purpose." The meaning of "apocalyptic" deals with a time of unveiling of hidden things. We are living in a time of unprecedented revelatory releasing from the Spirit of God. This anointing will be on a level we have not seen before. The Body of Christ must be equipped to deal with these rapidly ap...

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