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Eagles and Bears Prophesy

by Letter to Bobby Conner
December 08, 2010


My name is ..., and my husband is....  We met you years ago in Grants Pass, Oregon.  You have been to our church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Pastor Steve Shaw).  I have wanted to tell you about a Prophesy you had about Grants Pass.  I believe you gave it at Cornerstone Church, (Pastor Dale Howell).  I don't know the exact words, but you said, "When the eagles rise above the bears on the streets of Grants Pass, there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the area." 


That was years before a local banker and former Senator, Brady Adams, put fiberglass bears, painted by local artists, up and down the two main streets of the city.  This continued for a few years and then he added eagles in different poses of flight, and they lined the streets, above the bears!   I wanted you to know, and wish I had a picture to show you!  


 I hope this encourages you and we want to bless you and your ministry!