Shepherd's Rod 2013 Lineage-Line and Legacy


Awestruck by What We Behold!

August 21, 2014

Awestruck as We Behold the Lamb in His Glory!   Look around [you, Habakkuk, replied the Lord] among the nations and see! And be astonished! Astounded! For I am putting into effect a work in your days [such] that you would not believe it if it were told you.                                                                         —Habakkuk 1:5 &...


The Fragrance of Prayer:

August 03, 2014

The Incense and Power of Intercessory Prayer   The Spirit of God is releasing an anointing for intercession on an extremely high level (John 15:16). Saints are being mobilized to pray across the nations. Great swells of prayer meetings are beginning to take place in many diverse places. Some of these prayer meetings are being led by outstanding young radicals who have one goal in mind—establishing God’s Kingdom on earth. Likewise a great release of intercession is arising from delightful senior citizens.   Understand:  Prayer's Prominence Before God’s Throne   Because of this newly released anointing to pray, it is vital for us to recognize what the Word of God teaches con...

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