Shepherd's Rod 2013 Lineage-Line and Legacy


The Significance of Your Legacy Part Two

July 05, 2014

To understand the significance of legacy, let’s first look at your value and worth, not just to humankind, but also to Almighty God. The world reached a milestone in 2012—the population of the earth reached over seven billion people. Remarkably, not a single one of these seven billion people are just like you. You are extremely precious and special to God. You have heard the statement, “You’re one in a million!” But that’s not true. Actually, you’re one in seven billion! You are divinely unique, one of a kind. You were created by God for God, and you have value and worth beyond your wildest imagination. All the redemptive things that God has done, He would have done even if you had been ...


What Is Legacy? Does It Have Significance For Me? Part One

June 24, 2014

Every person on earth has a legacy. Just as every human on earth has distinct fingerprints, so also each of us has a unique legacy. Legacy can be likened to the footprints of life. Just as footprints in soft sand reveal that someone has passed this way, so too your legacy is evidence that you were here on earth, and it points to your accomplishments. Legacy is the fragrance of your life, which lingers long after you have departed from the room. How you live your life will have lasting consequences upon your family for generations to come. Scripture declares that you will leave an inheritance to your children and grandchildren: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the wealth of the sinne...

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